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What is Agnihotra? 

Agnihotra is an ancient technology

in the Vedic life sciences. 

Its practice induces a harmonizing resonance to heal the environment and self, through the element of fire. 

The healing fire is prepared in a copper pyramid using gomai (cow dung) and ghee, the only suitable organic fuel for Agnihotra. 


At the precise transitions of sunrise and sunset,

an Agnihotri (practitioner) chants Mantra
while giving whole brown rice mixed with ghee,

a representation of Self, to the fire.

Why practice Agnihotra?

Agnihotra attunes you to nature's Circadian rhythm,

bringing a sense of joy, mental clarity, and connection with nature.

Agnihotra in combination with Ayurvedic applications have been shown to:

Promote Wellbeing by:
  • increasing mental clarity

  • purifying the blood

  • reducing anxiety

  • normalizing chemical and hormonal imbalances

  • reducing inflammation

  • treating drug addiction

  • treating insomnia

  • treating depression

  • increasing sense of wellbeing

  • increasing Love for all 

 Promote Environmental Restoration by:

  • increasing quantity of food production 

  • increasing quality of food produced

  • protecting plants from harmful insects and bacteria

  • eliminating use of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals

  • replenishing soil mineral levels

  • neutralizing harmful effects of radiation, including nuclear radiation


"Agnihotra has become a positive addition to my daily practice. The stillness and clarity it has brought has expanded my awareness, supporting balance and connection to myself and the world around me. 


—  Michaela Whalen, Qualified Mental Health Professional

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